What You Can Do to Help Children


Amazon Smile Charity List

Did you ever want to donate items but did not have the time to drop them off? With our new Amazon Smile Charity List it is easier than ever! 

The product donation platform lets you choose items that our organization needs picked by our staff, adds them to your cart and ships them directly to us! Pick up a box of crayons, cleaning supplies or office materials, we will use it all. 

Annual Campaign

Together we can make an impact! 

Children with special needs are one of the most marginalized and disadvantaged groups of children. Further compounded by poverty and lack of services and support, children with disabilities are prevented from joining the community as active participants. 

A $25 donation can provide a week of therapy for a child who lives below poverty guidelines and cannot afford services. Help us continue our mission and consider making your donation today. 


Give the gift of time! We have many volunteer projects throughout the year for both individuals and groups.

We need the support of our community to help us with annual fundraising events, special projects, or the day to day activities of the workplace. We as a team can significantly affect the lives of hundreds of children that are served. Moody Clinic is a great place to share your gifts of time and talent! 

Contact Development and Communications Director Christine Cavazos at (956) 542-8504 or email at ccavazos@moodyclinic.org for volunteering opportunities.